Our bags are made from all recycled materials.
The outside can be made from Burlap coffee or rice bags, Old Coats, or upholstery material remnants.
The backs can be made from old leather coats, some may have pockets from old pants on the back.

We line all burlap straps with 2” poly webbing both for strength as well as comfort, straps are 6’ long. All bags are lined with mens shirts and will have at least 3 pockets on the inside. There are 2 pockets under the flap and usually 2 on the back.

We make three sizes as well as custom sizes. Small is about 10”x10”, Medium is about 11”x11”, and the Messenger bag is about 13”x12”. We also make an iPad model that is just about 1” taller and has a separate padded pocket with a velcro closer that will hold a tablet, kindle or iPad.

All leather bags are $77.00
All regular bags are $60.00
iPad models are $66.00


These are samples only. Please contact us about availability. Click on the photos to enlarge.